Concierge – Fitness – Front Desk – Events – Janitorial – Maintenance – Pool Services – Security – Painting – Restoration

The One Source

for All Your Amenity Services


Industry Leading Services for your Residential Community or Commercial Property

The Process

Create a Blanket of Assurance That’s Just Right for You!

Customize Based Upon Need

Select needed combination of services, customize service levels based upon property needs


Unique onboarding process brings peace of mind to managers, while marketing drives tenant/resident awareness

Fulfill the Customer Experience

Let our trained staff serve your audiences with a premium level of care and attention that will be measured and reported on, regularly, over the life of our relationship

Our Partner Companies

Resources with an abundance of experience

Companies that understand service excellence

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Powerful property management software that transforms a community into home.

American Pool

American Pool elevates the resident experience with best-in-class pool design. 


Professionally managemed painting, wallpapering, concrete coatings and light carpentry.  We make this look good…

Century Fire Protection

Fire protection specialists that fabricate, install, and service systems, Century Fire offers a multitude of educational resources and programs for our clients and industry partners.


Fitness spaces tailored to your lifestyle with creative layouts, new equipment, and superior service. 


Offers concierge, fitness, wellness and more.  Not just a leader in the amenity industry.  The leader.

Paul Davis

When natural disasters strike, Paul Davis, a full service restoration company, is there to clean up and help you get back to business. 

Planned Companies

Passionaltely driven to be the most accountable organization providing industry leading janitorial, maintenance, concierge, and security services. 

Partial List of Services

Janitorial & Maintenance

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Comprehensive set of services from short to long-term cleaning, floor/carpet care, porters/matrons, live in/live out, building engineers, 24/7 emergency response, specialty services (doorstep refuse removal)

Amenity Management

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Providing an elevated level of hospitality through amenity space activation and management, including integration of fitness and wellness programs, spa management, event coordination and management, luxury personal services

Fitness Equipment & Maintenance

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Space Design and consultation, equipment installation and maintenance, staffing, activities programming

Pool Maintenance & Lifeguard Staffing

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Comprehensive services including cleaning, facilities management and maintenance, event planning and coordination, lifeguard staffing and training, pool construction, repair and renovation


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Professionally managed painting, wallpapering, concrete coatings and light carpentry.

Front Desk

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Desk associates and concierge, doorman/lobby attendant serices, reception, package tracking & assistance, online management tools

Security Services

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Residential and commercial guards, walking and mobile patrols, gatehouse and gated community services, fire watch, special event security, safety awareness seminars, control room services

Restoration Services

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Offering full service restoration designed to help you get back to business!  Fire, Flood, Natural Diasters.

Fire Protection & Life Safety

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Design, installation, service, maintenance, and monitoring of virtually all types of fire protection systems.

Technology Solutions

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Powerful property management software featuring self-service reservations, automated check-ins, acccess control, event management, work orders, in-app payments and package management

Why The Alliance?

A blanket of assurance that is high in value and makes great sense for your operation.


Peace of Mind

Place your trust in the hands of an assemblage of amenity service industry leaders

Cost Transparency

Finally, a place to find predictable, manageable costs over an extended period of time


Communications integrated across. your entire enterprise, from one service to another

Tenant/Resident experience

Services delivered by well trained professionals who know how to interact with you and your people, delivering a satisfying and consistent experience

Ease of doing business

Multiple services, with one call (instead of many) to manage, revise, serve and deliver all that is needed across your property locations

Your Challenges

How do I cover all my bases across the vast array of services and experiences I need to keep a property running at an exceptional level?  My challenges are:


  • Managing multiple service providers
  • Dozens of contact points
  • High combined costs
  • Lack of singular accountability
  • Disappointing levels of quality across amenity services
  • Inconsistent levels of personal interaction with tenants/residents
  • No daily integrated support across disciplines (ie: cleaners do not communicate with concierge, security does not inform pool operations, etc.)
  • Nearly impossible to manage costs, predictably, among so many different vendors

Our Solution

  • 8 best-in-class service providers
  • Cost transparency across the spectrum of services
  • Customized solutions to meet your needs within each service area
  • Just the right amount of service, based upon each unique service requirement
  • Exclusive hiring, onboarding, and ongoing training methodology with a focus on human interaction within the service business
  • Accountability that is tangible, reachable, communicative
  • Emergency/crisis management on-demand
  • Cost of services that are predictable and manageable
  • Significant time savings for your staff
  • Propiretary technology solutions to further enhance service offerings
  • Comprehensive risk management and enterprise level insurance platform